akai_chou808 (akai_chou808) wrote in egl,

Meta Shipping?-Solved-

Hello EGL~

So my darling hubby wanted to surprise me with one of Meta's CL honey picnic LPs but doesnt know if it has shipped yet. He had ordered it a few days before the date they were set to ship and is little bummed that he had to ask me if Meta sends out an E-mail verifying that the LP has shipped fearing that it wont arrive in time for X-Mas. I myself have never bought anything direct from Meta's web shop so i wasn't of much help. So on the question~ does Meta send out an E-mail verifying that your order has shipped?

Thank you in advance~♥

it appears my Darling's eyesight isn't the greatest...after kicking him off his computer and searching through his E-mail, I had found the tracking info... He's relieved and my LP is currently in California so it'll most likely be here in a few days~ Happy Hawaii lolita is happy :D

Thank you for all your help~♥
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