flyingvisions (flyingvisions) wrote in egl,

victoria meetup pictures (and another shoot of mine)

I don't have a lot, like I said, most ended up fuzzy DX very sorry to the girls who have no piccies from me >.<

here's a couple from both the teahouse and the castle (more under cut)

this is Robin

this is arianne

this is me
me (my boyfriend took this one XD)

on a related note... it looks like I have a tendency to get my models to pose the way I like to pose for my shoots lol

here's photos from a more recent shoot of mine, the other model is Koko Kitty, both outfits are mine, the photographer was Steve Lukinuk (also the mua/hairsytylist bailed on us!)

I'm the classic in red and white... and mah petticoat is totally flashing XD also YES, this is the shoot that I needed to borrow red or white shoes for and everything worked out cuz my cousin had a pair XD

Tags: media: photoshoots

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