chicabelle16 (chicabelle16) wrote in egl,

Socks, Tights, and Gigantic Calves

I was wondering if anyone with wide calves has had any luck buying cute socks and tights, and if so, where.  I've tried all of the RTW plus-size stores, but they either don't carry kneesocks at all, or they carry them in standard sizes because most of their clientele fit in them anyway.  I ask this because my calves measure 17 inches around the widest part.  Any store-bought knee socks don't stretch enough to fit around my calves, and the few pairs that have always cut in below my knee because they are not meant to stretch so far in width, therefore taking away from the length.

So, my question is for thick-stemmed lolitas:  where do you find your legwear?
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