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How do you organize your lolita life?

Let me first start off by saying that I loved Miss Lumpy's post on her blog a couple of weeks ago about how much Dorothy and Alice have in common as lolita icons. I am a huge fan of both, but this week seems to have been OZ themed for me. My mom rented Rented Return to OZ this week, then The Wizard of OZ happened to be on TV the next day, I have been hearing the music everywhere, and to top it all off I found the most awesome "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" daily planner at borders today. It is sprinkled with excerpts from the original story, and all of the illustrations. It is completely gorgeous and totally loliable, and I can't wait to start organizing my life with it. I wanted to share some of the particularly lolita pages from it with you lovely people, and I also wanted to know: How do you organize your life, do you have a cute lolita daily planner?

Just look a at all of those ruffles and bows!

Even the lion and that guy with a beard wear bows. Also, love the rose in that giant rifle.

I would totally wear that outfit in the bottom right corner, minus the pointy hat maybe.
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