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Curiouser & Curiouser...

Help, fashion inspiration needed! I just bought Baby's "Garden Alice" skirt in red from their San Francisco store and am curious - how would you coordinate this piece? It's absolutely gorgeous in person, and I love the print, but I'm running into a wall as its practically the only red thing I own. It has pink, white and brown in the print as well so I'm hoping people can give me some inspiration to work with those colors. If you own this skirt yourself, pics would be awesome!

BTSSB Garden Alice skirt

My personal style is more casual, Alice Deco-ish, but if anyone has photos with this skirt in any type of coord, it would be much appreciated! (tried searching google and daily lolita, but stuff wasn't turning up, just lots of "garden" photoshoots)

(don't forget the giveaway still going on at my art blog, too. you can win some handmade lolita gifts, super easy!
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