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Okay! So I got a little bored! But who doesn't like Themed Haikus???

Seeing as this month's theme was Sweet and Blue, and I have no blue lolita clothing, I decided to write a series of haikus about candy and the like. *ish a giant nerd-ball*
For those who don't know, haikus are a form of Japanese poetry 14 syllables long. An example of how it should be written below:

Five on the first line,
And then there is seven more,
And then five again.

Warm, soft, and yummy,
Icing drowning the pastry.
Pure deliciousness.

Melting in your mouth,
Gooey center makes you smile,
Sweet chocolate bliss.

Candy Canes:
Sweet and minty treat,
Hang them on the Christmas tree,
Decorative sweets.

Not ginger, not bread.
Men made out of their houses.
Good fresh or when stale.

Cannot get enough!
It glues your jaws together.
Sticky-sweet goodness.

Chew, chew, chew, blow, CRACK!
Start the cycle all over.
Blow the best bubble.

I know that this month's post was kind of lazy-ish, but it's almost Christmas and I have to finish sewing and stuffing my little plush dogs for my mass gift to everyone. Mass producing is easier (and cheaper) than buying separate gifts for everyone.
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