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Experiences with Lolita and fashion design university applications

Hello Ladies,

As this is my last school year I have to decide what I want to do in my future. Now I have to decide whether I want to study law or fashion design.
I am a total fashion addict, I'm in love with not only Lolita fashion but almost any fashion that is in it's own way unique and interesting. However, the frills are a major part of my sense of fashion, which leads me to my question: Have you had good/bad/neutral experiences with involving lolita designs in your portfolios? If you are studying or have studied fashion design, have you had problems with professors because of something lolita-related? Have you had any other experiences worth mentioning?

I've heard rumors that professors at at least one of the universities in my country's capital(Vienna, Austria) don't take their students for full unless they wear simple, toned-down clothes and keep their designs simple. That sounds rather ridiculous to me. Are there any austrian ladies(or gents) out there who can tell me whether that statement is right or wrong?
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