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Meta C/L Honey Picnic LP

I received my C/L Honey Picnic Lucky Pack from Meta last Friday~ And I got the colour which I was hoping I wouldn't get, lol!

A rundown of the pack consists of:

1) One jsk
2) One bolero
3) One pair of socks
4) One bear dangly
5) One hand-phone strap

Definitely exceeded the 10000yen amount it was going for!

Actually, the pink is very, very pretty in real life but I'm a little bummed I got this colour, as I don't think this pink shade will suit my skin-tone well =\ Being South-east Asian, I'm more brown with a yellow tint to my skin.

Annnnnd quick pic of myself for skin-tone reference~

However, I'm very happy that I got the jsk version for my pack! I was hoping for a jsk or OP at least. I was also somewhat leery that the bolero was made of panne velvet, and shiny panne velvet no less, but it's rather growing on me *_* The socks are also from the Honey Picnic series and goes with the jsk perfectly

I am considering trading the jsk for the mint or lavender versions if possible but then, like the bolero, the more I look at it, the more I'm also growing attached to it (clashing skin-tone be damned!).

So I tried some quick coordis with it to see if I can tone down the pink shade when with other colours. And I prefer wearing a cardigan or bolero over my dresses, rather than blouses, usually.

Out of these possible ones, the original panne velvet bolero actually seems to fit the jsk best? Followed by the one with the white bolero~

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