Hannah (tanaie) wrote in egl,

Does anyone own this wig from Cosplay Wigs USA?

So I saw this wig on Cosplay Wigs USA and I absolutely adore it. I'm thinking about buying it, but I'd like to get a second opinion about it before hand.

Do you own this wig? If so do you have any images of you wearing it? (I'd like to see how it looks on a HUMAN head! ^_^)
Is the wig practical? Is is pretty? Are the real colours slightly different?  Etc, etc.

It looks like the pig tails are attached to the hair, does that cause any problem for wearing Alice Bows or any other head wear?

What is your personal opinion of the wig?
Since I have brown skin I thought a split wig using these two colours would be a good way to have bright coloured (pink) hair without it being too overpowering or just plain strange looking! Not to mention it reminds me of icecream! ♥
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, store: cosplaywigsusa
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