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AP and BTSSB "Review"

Hi guys! So back in August I asked for lolita suggestions of things to do/see in SanFrancisco. (thank you everyone who responded!) My husband and I have just returned from our honeymoon and I wanted to share some thoughts/photos of SanFran's Angelic Pretty and BTSSB store. It's not really a "review," just an overview of my experience/thoughts for those who may be visiting/haven't been there before.


Black Peace Now SF
Black Peace Now window display

Baby the Stars Shine Bright SF
BTSSB window display

We ended up staying at the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown, and the New People building with BTSSB and BPN was literally right across the street. Photos weren't allowed anywhere on the 2nd floor, so these are the only 2 shots I was able to get inside the New People building. (these are the window displays next to the elevator) BTSSB store was pretty large, they had a good selection of dresses, skirts, socks, etc. I ended up buying the red "Garden Alice" skirt (Alice in the Garden?)and a pair of knee-socks. I'm not sure of the girls' names who work there, but they were both very sweet! So if you're on here-thank you so much, you made my first shopping experience at BTSSB just awesome! :)

Angelic Pretty SF

The next day we walked down to Union Square and popped into Angelic Pretty-again no photos allowed inside. The shopgirls were both very sweet, but honestly I was disappinted in the amount of stock. There just wasn't much to buy, especially when it came to dresses vs. JSK's vs. skirts. They may have been waiting to get restocked after the grand opening, because it felt a bit empty. If you're on the street looking for their shop, it's rather hard to spot at first as there is no sign on the building itself. "Angelic Pretty" is printed on the window but there is no sign above the shop.

Well, I hope this will be helpful to some of you looking to travel to San Francisco!
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