Andrea (sang_rose) wrote in egl,

Lolita blouses with larger arms...

Yup, this is a slightly odd request.

I powerlift and do strength hiit training, daily. My arm muscles are, obviously, expanding as a result of this and I've finding it rather difficult to find nice lolita brand blouses that fit my arms. I only have an 11" Bicep,the widest point of my forearm is just 10" at the moment. Without getting something custom made is there any lolita brand that has a slightly looser sleeve than this as standard?

I know that there are lolitaesque blouses out there that would definately do the trick but they're just not the same at all... never as cute or decorative.

Also, would prehaps cutsews be better suited to me? Am I right in thinking they're more often made out of a stretchier tshirt type material?

Thanks for reading! :)

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