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Game time again!

Lolita is too darn serious sometimes, and I'm pretty bored, so let's play the word association game!

How it works:

The first person types a word.  The next person comments with the first lolita-ish word that pops into their head.  Example:

Person 1:  Angelic Pretty

Person 2:  Angelic Pretty : Sweet

Person 3:  Sweet : Candy

Person 4:  Candy : Miracle Candy

Person 5:  Miracle Candy : stripes

Etcetera, etcetera. 

You must include the word that came before to avoid confusion!  You can comment more than once, too.  If two people comment for one word at the same time, whoever commented first is the comment we will go with (though if you want to hit reply and comment on the second person's you can do that too, I'm not going to stop you XD) I will begin the game with:

Ready?  GO!


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