amadeth13 (amadeth13) wrote in egl,

Any ladies (or gents) in AR?

I will be moving to Arkansas (half an hour NE of LittleRock ) in end of Jan. or the start of Feb.. I was wanting to know if there was any of you that live near by, I wont know any one when I move there. And I thought what better way to make friends? If you dont want people to know, besides me, where you are, feel free to PM me. I wont bite. ^.^

(P.S.- I wanted to post this in the Local Community, but I dont think anyone has been on there for a while >.< and I'm waiting on being alowed to post. So I'm sorry if this is not the right place, and Mod.s you can delete this if you have too. I also dont know what kind of tags to use.)

I look forward to meeting some of you!
Thank you!
Tags: discussion: locations in lolita, discussion: lolita sightings/roll call
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