sodapop_wolves (sodapop_wolves) wrote in egl,

Bolero Sizing Issues

 With the holidays just around the corner, I've been considering buying a few brand boleros, however, it seems like no matter what bolero I find the sizing is considerably smaller than expected. For instance, I've noticed that Innocent world's L sized blouses have around 100cm for their bust measurements, while their L sized boleros are only around 89cm. BTSSB and Angelic Pretty also seem to list similar bolero sizes, and for some reason, few, if any of them list a size range for their boleros, knits, and cardigans even when they seem to be made of fairly stretchy material. 

In short, does anyone know why brand bolero, knit, and cardigan sizes tend to be smaller than everything else, and what general measurements they can comfortably accommodate?

For reference, I have a 96cm bust, hence my concern.

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