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Christmas Lolita Meet

[Photo from the Fresno Bee newspaper]

In lieu of the impending holidays, a couple other CenCal Lolitas and I decided to meet for a walk on Fresno’s Christmas Tree Lane.

We first met at a Japanese restaurant for dinner. pokpanda and I had not met at any of the CenCal meets before so we greeted one another and exchanged gifts.

She had brought her boyfriend with her, who turned out be a wonderful gentleman, opening car doors and holding our coats and purses throughout the night as we posed for pictures.

Courtney, one of the Lemoore Lolitas, joined us for the evening.

We got a lot of compliments on our appearances from people throughout the night (not without a few whispers and a couple snarky teenagers).
One girl ran up to us to ask if we were really “Lolitas”, saying that she liked the fashion and was excited to see girls dressed in it.

Joann wore BtSSB’s Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry JSK (which I was very jealous of).

Courtney wore a custom-made OP

As for myself,

My main piece was BtSSB’s Pocket Embroidery JSK.

Treat of the Night:

Cold Stone’s Chesesecake –somethingsomethingsomething- ^_^;>
Joann, her boyfriend and I split it. It was delicious.

For more photos of Christmas Tree Lane, us Lolitas and a full report on the evening, visit my new blog: Mary Janes and Pinfires

I'm going to be in Japan for three weeks starting on the 27th and will be doing daily blogs and photo uploads for a culture study class.
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