Senseless (ni_chan87) wrote in egl,

Looking for anyone owning AatPs Masquerade Theater JSK


I just received a navy Masquerade Theater JSK and though the seller said it's not really worn I have a problem with it:
The boning is sticking through the fabric. The bodice is shirred and on the above seams single bars of the boning stick out of it and pinched little holes in the fabric. I had the same issue with an old corset of Aatp but I bought it at a very used condition from closet child and thought it was just due to the age of the fabric.
So before I jump on my seller for telling me something wrong I wanted to ask whether anyone owning this dress has similar experience with it.
And, I would be glad for any kind of advice because the bars of the boning that stick out pinch me and I'm afraid the will come out more and it will get worse as it did on my old corsage...
Tags: *alice and the pirates, garment: corsets, garment: dresses, request: information

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