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Photos of Innocent World Christmas Set ¥33,600

With shipping to USA this Christmas set  (coat, JSK, blouse) was ¥38,350 ($475.02 USD), which is a great price considering the price range for an IW coat is ¥29,190 to ¥44,940 . The contents of my Christmas Set turned out to be fairly close to the sample photo that Innocent World had posted, when the sets went up for sale, just some color difference.

The coat is a dusty rose color, is a nice weight fabric, feels like it will be warm, but still need a sweater under it for really cold days. The cut is roomy enough for layers to be worn under it. The JSK is woven chess pattern fabric in dusty plum color with plum trim. The buttons on the back of the JSK straps match the buttons on the blouse. The neck bow is on a band that has Velcro closure in back.

I'm happy with the set, the items are classic and I can wear them both for Lolita and in the mundane world.

CIMG7227 CIMG7229
CIMG7230 CIMG7231
CIMG7234 CIMG7235CIMG7228

Tags: lucky packs: innocent world

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