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my lolita friends and i walked 6+ miles x_x

 Every year, just twice, Fresno's Christmas tree lane allow people to walk through the streets of Van Ness. 
Walking and passing by magnificent homes decorated with bright sparkling lights and spectacular themes.

So my local lolita friends and i went walking
Everyone walking was in a positive mood 'chirstmas mood' :D
i kept on getting called 'little bo peep' but its all good ^_^

i wore my Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry BSSB JSK
Alisa wore a pink JSK from BSSB
Courntey wore a
blue handmade dress

mmmm ice cream

well my ankles hurt x_x but that was fun :D

if you are wondering what my circle lens i wore were: DollyEye in Grey
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