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Taobao's not too expensive, but the shopping service is...

EDIT:  Thanks for all the replies guys!  I'm probably just going to gather up whatever Christmas money I get and buy the stuff.  I would try sewing as I already have a machine, but I'm awful at it and it's still an investment for materials (for something that probably wouldn't turn out well the first few times).
Also, I guess I was a bit harsh on the shopping service - not all the fees are from it, it's just overwhelming to see that a purchase which by itself would be $140 is now double.
Maybe I'll nix the cape if I can't afford it otherwise...

EDIT 2:  Whoops, forgot why I made that edit in the first place-
Anyone know a taobao group order I could join?

I've been calculating, meticulously planning and comparing for my first order of official loli gear (been researching for years actually, but I've never had the funds to dive in...)

Aaaaand I've hit a road block.  I don't have any regular income or a way to get one at this moment, so it's taken quite a while just to save up what I've got.  I'm trying to order a couple things so I can make two outfits with a little wiggle room to start.

By themselves, the items are totally within my budget!  But with a shopping's over $100 more.  I'm avoiding qutieland because they mark up so much, but I heard good things about TaoBaoSpree and exchanged a few messages with them, so I calculated with that. 
The point is, does anyone know of a shopping service that isn't so crazy expensive?  Also, I calculated the shipping based on Qutieland's weights.  Does anyone know how accurate they are?

At this point, it'll only be if I'm really lucky this christmas that I'll be able to blow my entire savings on about four items. -_-;  I wish TaoBao brands had someplace to ship from in the U.S...

Oh yeah, if it's any help/reference, these are what I was planning on buying:

The cost of those by themselves is about $140.  With all the added fees of sizing (can't remember if I included that in the original or not), shipping (not including domestic), customs, insurance, PayPal, and the shopping service charge, it comes out to $271 on the dot.

God has blessed the Lolita that can sew.
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