suitetwentytwo (suitetwentytwo) wrote in egl,

So this might be an irritating question...

but I'm going to ask it anyway. I went through the memories and found reviews for Fanplusfriend, but I'm still unsure. It sounds like they are very hit or miss, but I'm wanting to know...are they more miss when you custom order or can their regular, non-custom items come messed up a lot as well? Their petticoats are on sale, and I think I can rope my mom into ordering one for me as a gift, BUT I don't want to do that if their non-custom items are just as likely to come to me screwed up. And I'm aware of the other stores I can order petticoats from, but I don't have the cash for them, and my parents are definitely not going to plunk down a good deal of money on something that won't even be seen.

Edit: My mom ended up deciding to order a 'cupcake' petticoat from English Charm because their shipping is cheaper. Funny story, mom ordered it this afternoon, got half off shipping because they are having a 'half off shipping sale' or something like that, then immediately received an email from them saying that one of them will be in the States soon and will just ship the item from there which will make the shipping EVEN CHEAPER! It was originally $8 shipping then $4 with the discount/sale and now it will be even cheaper. So, overall, I'm happy. Thanks for all the help though!
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