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pics & questions!

Posted once before, but a bit more in-depth this time. Always had a vague interest in lolita, but never really thought it was something I would/could wear. Somehow, that changed. Mostly I like classic style, my favourite brands are Innocent World and Juliette et Justine.

(clearly this was late at night as the state of my hair shows :/)

Concrit welcome! Sadly I didn't get any proper shots.

Dress: Juliette et Justine
Blouse/Bag/Headband: Innocent World
Boots: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Er, here's the bag and boots since you can't see them in the photos.


1) On petticoats. I'm reluctant to spend 1man+ on a brand petticoat - are they worth it?? I really want one that has good poof that'll last. I already had one because I'm fond of 50s style dresses too, but it's gotten flat and doesn't do much anymore. Recently acquired a new one from Bodyline (their 2500yen one) which is a lot better, but still not particularly poofy. I prefer A-line. Does a petticoat exist where wearing just one will give you adequate poof?

I did look in the memories, but many of the links in the posts seem to be dead.

2) Are there any other lolitas in the Chugoku region of Japan? I live in the inaka (aka Tottori-ken) so it's a bit weird for me to dress up around here. But I'm willing to travel to Okayama city or Hiroshima if there's anyone who'd want to meet up! At some point I'm sure I'll make it out to Osaka, too.

3) Does anyone have any experience with the Rakuten store Tokyo Alice? I'm interested in buying from them, but they only give the chest width of garments... not the bust. So I have no idea how to judge if they'll fit or not. Is there any way you can tell the bust size from just the width?

Thanks for any comments/help!
Tags: coordinates: concrit request, discussion: lolita sightings/roll call, garment: bloomers/petticoats, request: information, request: store recs/reviews
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