Raine Dragon (rainedragon) wrote in egl,
Raine Dragon

Lucky Pack Predictions!

So, there is quite some time between now and early-mid January, and I just can't help wondering what will be in the various brand's Lucky Packs this winter.

I saw that Meta was doing the CL/honey picnic set, and I'm not sure; is that instead of a lucky pack this year? (Meta Also has some things on Sale, but they have been there a looong time)
And I hear that AP's online one's have come and gone, but that they had some dresses at 50% off too...
Victorian Maiden has a Christmas Fair (and some things on sale that are probably not related.)
and of course, I've been stalking IW and they have Two, a Set A and a Set B (and there was an early winter Christmas coat set as well)

I've not heard anything about Baby... which makes me sad, because I'd love a shot at a lucky pack, or a sale!

So, from what I know, so far I only have seen actual LPs from AP and IW; does anyone know of anymore? or is it still early for some brands?

That aside... I can't help wondering what will be in them! Any guesses?

Somehow, I feel like IW probably didn't manage to clear out their whole cache of Chelsea JSK/OPs (though I'm really hoping hard not to get a second one! I got one in my halloween one, so I'm hoping my Set A won't have one too!) and I vaguely remember them still having cherry cat socks and Nicholas fruits skirts/JSKs during the sale this past summer... Probably a lot more of those washcloths too, those don't seem to sell very well... the Pompadour Jumperskirts are still in their store too, and those are a 2009 release...

AP doesn't seem to have trouble selling much of anything; I always see sold-out, sold-out!  so I have a really hard time guessing what might be in theirs... Though if the 50% sale at the SF one's website is any hint, perhaps some of those make up jabot dresses? anyone else want to take a stab?

What do you think? Yes? no? got other guesses? (or wishes!) or more information about LPs I don't know about yet?
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