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♥My Trip to San Francisco♥

Streets of San Francisco, a Floral Find

My husband and I took a short vacation to San Francisco this weekend, and I thought I'd share some pictures with you!

Day One

To spare my husband an entire vacation of shopping, the first day I made the bulk of my purchases at BABY and AP/Harajuku Hearts. The first stop was BABY where I met the super cute and very helpful seikomia ! She is a terrific shop girl! (I'll point out what I purchased there a few pictures down or so.) I swear I didn't plan this, but New People was only a few blocks away from our hotel! It was amazing!

Next, we went to Angelic Pretty! I was delighted to find that they still had Little Bear's Cafe in stock!

The shop girl, Miho, said she liked my outfit and asked if she could take a picture of me for the store---I was so honored! I was also a little embarrassed because we weren't able to check into the hotel yet, so I wasn't able to change out of my airplane-comfortable-ugly shoes. Everything else I purchased from the AP USA website special to wear to the store~ The staff was kind enough to let my husband take a picture of her and I together! I know in store pictures are generally not allowed, so this totally made my day!

With Miho, Shop Girl at Angelic Pretty San Francisco!

Outfit Rundown:

JSK, Socks, Headbow, Purse: AP
Blouse: Anna House
Shoes: seriously beat-up off-brand >.<

Once we arrived back at the hotel, I was so excited about getting Little Bear's Cafe that I had to change!

Free Sherry and Cookies? Don't Mind If I Do!

The Queen Anne Hotel is a beautiful Victorian Hotel that used to be a school for girls (of the etiquette variety, I believe). It switched ownerships a few times over the years after the headmistress, who is said to be a friendly haunt to this day, died within a few years of its opening, but in the 1990's it was converted into a hotel. I highly suggest staying there. There are a variety of rooms from affordable to very fancy, so many are able to stay.

As you can see in the picture above, there are free cookies and sherry starting at 4 P.M.! I was especially excited about that.

Christmas Tree x Sherry x Little Bear's Cafe

Outfit Rundown:

OP and Purse: AP
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else is off-brand.

The owners and their family decorate the entire hotel themselves for Christmas every year---they don't hire anyone to do it for them. Everything looked so festive and well put together! (There are more pictures of the hotel on my Flickr, and I have more to upload as well. Feel free to creep on my photostream if you're curious.)

Day Two

On Friday, we took a wine tasting tour. In retrospect, I would have rather us just driven around and visited more wineries. I had visited San Francisco 7 or 8 years ago when I was 14 or 15, and did a tour one day and exploring the next. (They didn't card. It was pretty sweet.) However, we were there for a week then and this time around for about three days. This tour only took us to three wineries. That was a little disappointing, but the whole experience was a lot of fun.

Wine tasting deserves something a little more refined, I thought, so I wore the new JSK I bought from BABY!

Outfit Shot at Queen Anne Hotel!

As you can see, the lace in the front needs to be ironed; sorry about that!  However, it was a really fantastic price. I kid you not, I got it for 70% off because a couple of the loops of lace in the back where the ribbon goes through were ripped. It was only the last two rows at the bottom, so it didn't effect the wear. The deal couldn't be passed up. =D They had the matching headbow in stock, too!


I was SUPER excited about these socks because they are FULL of the glitter! They are entirely made of that sparkly material! (seikomia suggested I wear socks underneath them to avoid itching, and I am glad I followed her advice!)

By The Wine Barrels

I was also able to snag a large, white Usakumya who joined us on our wine tasting outing!

(I'm building an army of Usakumyas. My goal is to acquire one of every sized Usakumya in every color. Here's what I'm at so far. I included Uskumya friends in the picture for fun, but they are not a part of my goal:

Usakumya Army)

In front of the grape fields...

Grape Fields!

Eating in Japan Town later that evening...

Eating in Japan Town!

Day Three

Saturday we decided to explore Fisherman's Wharf and spent most of the time at Pier 39. There was an Alcatraz gift shop in which I found an Usakumya-sized shirt and headband. XD The shirt reads "REJECT, TOO CUTE". I felt that this was super appropriate for him.

Alcatraz "Too Cute Reject" Sonny

Outfit Rundown:

Headdress: AP
Turtleneck, socks, skirt: BABY
Boots: Bodyline

(Tip: I bought the turtleneck that day for 30% off! The logo is on the bottom, but since it is tucked in you cannot see it. Also, the socks are from their happy pack deal. You get socks that you choose, a bonnet that you choose, and stationary for 35 USD!! The bonnet is not in any of the pictures, but you can see more detail of the socks on my Flickr.)

There was a crazy hat store on Pier 39 that we went in for fun. I ended up finding this hat and could not say no. It is hilarious. How could I pass up looking ridiculous and matching my Usakumya?! X3 The ears are posable, and it is Alice in Wonderland licensed which I also found a little amusing.

One Cannot Resist a Hat to Match Her Usakumya.

Day Four (leaving SF)

This was mostly a day of travel, but I was able to take lots of hotel pictures (to be added to Flickr soon,) and take a quick and blurry outfit shot. I chose Jewelry Jelly because it's super comfortable but still makes me feel cute and fancy.

Yet Another Queen Anne Outfit Shot!

Thanks for looking at this very long post, and I hope you enjoy the holidays!!

Merry Christmas...Love, Sonny Usakumya

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