princesse des reves (kirakirajenjen) wrote in egl,
princesse des reves

Market Research

I enjoy making jewelry and doing deco, but after a while, I run out of things to make and deco. I would like to get my etsy shop back up and running, but I'd like to get some opinions on what people are interested in.

~What type of things are you most interested in buying handmade when it comes to jewelry?
~What colors and styles are you most interested in?
~What motifs are you interested in seeing?
~How much are you generally willing to spend for the sort of items you would buy?
~Would you rather see ready made items or commission items specifically for what you want?

Here are some pictures of items I've made to get an idea of what I do. You're answers don't need to correspond to these sorts of items, these are just things I've done.

Pearl Link Necklaces
Rhinestone Deco Heart

Ribbon Pendant

Crown and Pearls

Hearts and Rhinestones

Hello Kitty Deco

Thanks in advance!
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