lemonade021 (lemonade021) wrote in egl,

Getting started in Classic?

I've been planning out my first loli wardrobe lately, and at first I thought I would start out in Sweet. I like Sweet, and it's pretty easy to coordinate (dress + matching hairbow and socks + tea parties + random crap from Mintymix and Chocomint in your hair = done!), plus there are a lot of nice-looking inexpensive options out there. I was thinking about starting my closet with these:


 Lately, however, I've been really attracted to Classic. I'd really like to try it, but I'm not quite sure where to start for a basic wardrobe. What kinds of basic pieces do you need for a Classic wardrobe? (Off-white blouse, simple jsk..?) I like to mix and match a lot, so I'd like to get a few pieces that I can make a bunch of different outfits out of, like the pieces in my journal. What shoes do you like to wear with Classic? Also, what Taobao or other stores are your favorites for nice, inexpensive Classic loli?

Sorry if this is kind of vague. :P I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions!
Thanks! :)
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