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Lolita Calendar 2011 and l'empire des dentelles issue 4

♥♥ L'empire des dentelles issue 4 ♥♥

The french association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban just released the fanzine l'empire des dentelles 4! ♥
All fanzine are in french and in english! ♥

The cover by the french illustrator François Amoretti

For this new volume, Alice in wonderland is in the place of honor! There is an interview of Kira Imai, photoshoot, and a lot of surprise! ♥

Just to remenber... our last issues! ♥

Number one

Number two

Number three

♥♥ Calendar 2011: ♥♥

Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban and the Chemin de Briques Roses propose you a 2011 lolita calendar !


The theme ? Fairy tales, but in a strange way ! You can see three examples below

The little mermaid

The Sleeping Beauty

The princess and the pea


Nicolas Meunier is the photographer. Everyone can be satisfied : sweet, classical, EGL…

The calendar is only in french!

Making of and more picture of the calendar HERE

Order will be open soon for the calendar and the fanzine 4!

All pics by Nicolas Meunier!

Thank you ♥

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