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Tutorial: Turning ugly waisties into a headbow ♥

Hi everyone! I want to share with you this easy tutorial I've made to turn that waisties you don't use into a cute headbow ♥

-Sewing Thread
-Sewing needle
-Sewing machine (Optional)
-Measure tape
-Waist ties (Duh xD)

I'm going to use the waist ties of my Cecilia Carrousel skirt, luckily they're detachable, so all I hadn't any problem removing them.


Mark 11cm starting from the end of the waist tie. It will look like this: (11x11cm)


Cut 15cm of each waist tie (11cm wide) fold it in a half and sew it

3- Cut a 5x11cm piece, fold it  (So it'll measure 2.5x11) and sew.

4- Iron all the pieces. 

5- These are all the pieces we will need to make our headbow.

Oh! The middle piece of the bow (the 2.5x11 piece) was ironed in the following way, to hide the stitch:

6- We make some plaits in the bigger pieces, like this:

And we join them

 It'll look like this:

Now we have to sew the smallest piece in the center of our bow, add some lace or ruffles, and we're done!

It's super easy!

Notes: If you make them with fabric, instead of using the waist ties, remember that you have to put some adhesive interlining (I'm not sure how to say it in english xD).

I hope this tutorial was useful! 

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