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A sort-of kind-of San Francisco Meet-Up? Plus, any tips!

Hello Everyone,

Soon, this coming week I plan to be traveling to San Francisco. I will only be stopping there for two days but still I'm very excited to see the BTSSB and Angelic Pretty Shops.

I first wanted to know if there were any local Lolitas who might want to meet up with me and show me around. I would be eternally grateful for help and fun and friends!
I was thinking of shopping, eating, shopping, and eating, and anything else you might recommend!

Second I'd really appreciate any tips from the lovely community. I read over all the traveling Lolita posts, and have taken careful note over those, but if theres anything else you think I should know please inform me.

Also here is a series of other very prominent questions I have.
1. How much is trolly / bus / taxi fare in San Francisco?
I will probably be using those transportations from my hotel to shops and places.

2. How much fun and spending money do you think I should bring, for all my lolita, eating, and fun pleasures?
Most of my christmas is going to this trip, So i want to enjoy it all.

3. What other fun, loli-able or not things are there in San Fran?

4. Is traffic really bad there?

Forgive any rudeness in my questions, I have never been to california, and never really near it either! Oh my indeed. Tips are appreciated, like specific items suitable for San Fran weather.

Thank everyone!

San Francisco Skyline Pictures, Images and Photos
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