lalka_lj (lalka_lj) wrote in egl,

Bodyline coat review and pictures needed

Hello there!

(first of all, yes I did try to find a review on the EGL archives but got no luck....)

I'm considering buying this coat from Bodyline. When it came out, I loved the design but was out of stock in my size. As it's finally in stock in my size, I'm considering buying it but it's still a bit expensive for a bodyline item I believe so I was wondering if it was worth it...

Doesn't look warm, more a spring/autumn coat I believe and that's fine by me, winter will be over some day but how good is the fabric? also, bodyline models are skinny tiny people, I'd like if possible to see how it looks on someone who has big bust and hips. (I'm especially concerned that it looks A-shapped but with hips under it, I can't figure how it will look)

I'm also wondering how it looks when it's open, I almost never close my coats...

Review and pictures would be greatly appreciated if you own it!!

Thank you =)

Here is the picture:

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