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Fan+Friend fabrics

Hi there,
I'm looking for some help decoding Fan+Friend's fabric terminology. Some of the fabric is fine, some of it is, well, crap. It might be nice to have an easy-to-find list of what's crap and what's not. I know I'd rather not get anything in "tender fleece" again!

Not crap:
Regular cotton, like this skirt. It's not thick, but it's nice; I have no complaints here.
Cotton broadcloth. Smooth, decent quality, not see-through. Thin and prone to wrinkles, however. (asilvering , opiatevampire , katu )
Velveteen. Quite nice, pretty thick, not stretchy. (opiatevampire )
Knitting cotton. Some texture, not stretchy. (opiatevampire )
Thick wool. Nice, soft, smooth, not scratchy. (opiatevampire )
Smooth cotton: Heavier than broadcloth, but light enough for shirts. Soft, smooth twill weave. Probably not 100% cotton; doesn't wrinkle as readily. (miscy )
Thick cotton: pretty great actually. Very smooth, thick, and heavy. (asilvering )

Tender fleece. It's thin, crummy, and actually nothing at all like fleece. (asilvering , opiatevampire )
Corduroy. Stiff, starched, and scratchy. (katu )
Wool. Watch out; might be crummy polyester. (tsuki_ciel ) I got a wool hat that was pretty decent; definitely wool, not great quality but not bad either. (asilvering )

Note on black cotton: Not always a very deep black. (mirari_blue , opiatevampire )

Fabrics I'd like to know about:
a. light: silk estimated
c. thick: satin, worsted satin twill, cotton twill, flannel
d. heavy: heavy cotton,  cashmere

Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance. :)

Edit, Dec 10 2010: consolidated reviews into main post. Thanks guys, keep them coming!
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