dizizpammie (princesspammie) wrote in egl,

oh no not one of these!! a Taobao question...

 Yes I have gone through the memories and I did my internet search but I still have a question.
I used to do all my toabao shoppings through taobao now...however they changed their payment system so I am not able to order from hem anymore.
I tried Taobao Focus but they don't let me buy any brand goods which is their full right but isn't helping me at the moment.
TaobaoAgent is really messing up with the prices when I put something in my cart, for example a 198.00 yuan item end up being 53 usd ?!?
Taobao Spree isn't answering the order I made through email.
So yes I have tried!! :(
I have been looking for reviews for other services but I ended up reading reviews that sounded like the shopping services posted them.
So my question is, is there any other reliable Taobao shopping service around? I rather use a company instead of someone personal.
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