pudgy_pandas (pudgy_pandas) wrote in egl,

please don't kill me, i have another question ;3;

I'm so sorry I keep asking questions! hahahah I know i just posted about wigs. after this I wont ask anymore questions! LOL

So I'm thinking of asking for some dresses from qutieland for Christmas. I need a store that is easy to purchase from (no shipping services, it will confuse my mom too much) and that's decently priced. I like a lot of the dresses on Qutieland, but I was concerned with the time it took for the dresses to be made! it says that it takes 30 days to make a dress? is that with all the dresses?

Do you think I could happen to get those dresses by Christmas if my mom ordered tomorrow?

also, does anyone know of any other online shops besides the egl sales, closet child, qutieland, anna house, and bodyline that ships either internationally or isn't difficult to buy from and is decently priced? thankss~

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