nostalgickitty (nostalgickitty) wrote in egl,

A quick question about brands and a weird blouse measurement tendency

Hello egl! I was wondering if you could answer (or at least speculate on) a question I had concering brands and the sizing of their blouses. While looking at various websites (particularly IW and BTSSB), I noticed a strange trend among lolita brands to make the minimum measurements (especially in the bust area) for the blouses a couple or sometimes even three or four inches bigger than the minimum measurements on their jsks and ops. Having smallish measurements myself, I find this rather infuriating. I can reasonably expect to fit the dresses, but never the blouses? Why do you think this strange difference exists? Is there any possible reason why this would make sense, especially considering that these blouses are typically shown worn under the smaller jsks? I was hoping to possibly save up and buy a skirt or dress and blouse from a brand, but it doesn't seem like I'll ever fit the blouses without extra alteration expenses. :(

Thank you for any comments or opinions on this frustrating phenomenon!
Tags: discussion: size in lolita
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