jellyfishlady (jellyfishlady) wrote in egl,

Picture Requests and advice for Btssb's Cafe Doll Jsk

So, the goofball that I am, I just bought Btssb's Cafe Doll from the comms. Iv'e always secretly liked it and I used to go to Baby's site every often just to look at it. The anti-sweet style in me denied that I get it, and so I never did until now. But, I don't wear sweet. I have no idea how to coord this jsk well, but I am determined to. I know there was a pic of it worn in a magazine clip, but I can't find it. I thought that maybe the sweet lolis could help me out. Any help, advice, and pics for coordinating this is super appreciated! *^_^*

Btssb's Cafe Doll Jsk:

*Edit: I did manage to hunt down the magazine page (once I figured out I saw in at, but unfortunately it was deleted from someone's photobucket.
Tags: coordinates: questions
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