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EGL Contest Announcement - December

The December egl   co-ordinate and Art Contest!

egl will be hosting two contests for the first time this month! There is an EGL co-ordinate contest and an EGL Art contest. We've had the idea of doing EGL contests for a long time, and hopefully this will become a monthly occurrence. This month will serve as a sort of 'test' to see how to handle things like judging, and how much interest we get. So please show your support and join in!

Contest Theme:
Both contests will be using the theme 'Christmas Sweet'. Be that a Sweet Style of EGL or a Christmas colored theme surrounded by lots of candy is up to you. Just make sure you remember to keep it fitting for Christmas and Sweet. 

EGL co-ordinate Contest:
egl  wants you to put together a special coordinate for the holiday season. Put on your best outfit for the theme and snap some photos. Pick the best photo and send it in for the contest. We welcome different interpretations of the theme; perhaps an outfit inspired by snowflakes, or a skirt adorned with gingerbread men!

Judging: The winner will determined by the EGL Judges. Judges will be looking at your photo as a whole - Keep in mind that the background of your photo is just as important as making sure you are following the rules of fashion. Props are allowed but the central focus will be your co-ordinate. Submissions should not contain excessive blur or darkness, and should show the outfit clearly. Submissions should be a *single* photo, not a collage with close ups for example.

EGL Art Contest:
Break out your paint, colored pencils, or paint programs, this contest is open to any medium you want. Submissions should be new works of art for this contest. There are no specifications about what you can draw beyond the theme and being related to lolita or one of it's accepted sub styles (dandy, aristocrat etc.) so entries do not have to be a particular gender or human at all. 

Judging: This contest will have the submissions put to a vote by the entire community. 

All members, both veterans and newbies alike, are welcome to enter both contests. Only the first submission for each contest will be accepted, additional entries beyond the first will not be considered. Judges can enter but are not eligible to win contests.

Prizes: We hope to make prizes for contests a regular occurrence, but please bear in mind these are just small gifts from us, prizes are not meant to be the central focus. We realise the prizes this time round aren't the biggest out there, but do bear in mind if you show your support for this first contest it means a higher chance of bigger and better prizes next time! laiferr will send a small goody bag of stickers and some other little pretty things to both winners :D. The winner of the co-ordinate contest will receive some hello kitty false nails :3 For the EGL Art contest,hanabishirecca   will give the winner a free commissioned story to be determined after the contest is completed. If you are interested in submitting gifts for future contests please let us know and we can sort something out, it would be much appreciated. Of course if you have something you would like to submit for this month too then feel free to say!

Contest Deadline & how to submit:
All entries must be recieved by December 31, 2010. Judging will commence in the new year (but most likely a few days after the 1st) There is a post for submitting your entries which is located here, in which comments are automatically screened. Please leave a comment with the following:
-Your picture/art (please keep the image a good size, around 400 pixels wide. A link to it is fine.)
-Any additional comments you'd like to make, such as explaining your piece (But please nothing too long)

Your judges are:
laiferr  , hanabishirecca  , zitronecs  , itachifangirl26 

Thanks for reading everyone and hope to see your lovely entries~!
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