Tamara Pixie Wilton (pixieprecious) wrote in egl,
Tamara Pixie Wilton

Altering A Dress That Is To Long - Edit: Photos Added

OK, So I checked the Memories and I searched, but I have not seen a post about making a dress shorter.

I recently got a gorgoeus dress of someone on comm_sales and its to long.

I am only 153cms tall (midget I know) and this dress comes down to half way between my knees and feet, however I would like it to come just at my knee so when wearing a petticoat it will be just above my knee.

Does anyone have any good tips on altering dress lengths or has anyone done it?

I will most likely be going to a seamstress, however I would like to hear if people have done this before and any other options I may have =]


Also I was not sure what tags to put? I have never been good at finding the right ones =\

Here are two pictures of it, one a full length and one a close up of the print:

Tags: discussion: altering brand

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