pudgy_pandas (pudgy_pandas) wrote in egl,


I have questions about wigs and bangs.

I looked through the memories, but the list for shops to buy wigs from was very small. What's the best wig store to buy from that has good quality wigs that aren't like $993293238? I'm looking for websites that are easy to navigate, because I'll probably be asking for some for christmas and it needs to be simple for my mom. ahaha

I've never owned a wig before, but I thought it might be kinda fun to have a different style of hair for a day!

For the people who own wigs and wear wigs frequently, do you really like wigs? are they a huge hassle? pros? cons?

Also, my friend likes bangs, but when she gets bangs she ends up hating them after a couple weeks. I suggested getting those clip in bangs that I've seen around, but I can't seem to find any place that sells good quality versions. Anyone know of any places that sells those?


has anyone bought from gabalnara.com? how were their wigs? expensive?
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs

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