chou_requiem (chou_requiem) wrote in egl,

Shoes for itty bitty feet?!

Hello everyone! 

This is my first post to EGL, so I'm sorry if I'm a little scatter-brained ^^;

I was wondering if and of you had recommendations for shoes, for wee little feet!

I'm 5.2 1/5", and I wear woman's size 4 1/2 shoe.
-cough-  They don't make woman's 4 1/2 shoes.  
I can fit into 5's well enough,
but everywhere seems to not stock them, or be sold out!

I found them on Millano, but it appears that they have poor quality on communication and clothing,
so it makes me very worried to order the shoes! (especially because it's my mom ordering as a Christmas pressie for me...;;)

I got my first brand lolita dress a few weeks ago,

and now feel the absolute need to get shoes!

Suggestions, please! ^///^

(Also, I do NOT like the stuffing-shoes idea.  It really hurts my toes to do this! x_____x)


Update: I talked to my mom a little more, and since Milano's shoe quality would be the same as An*tai*na, we're going to try that (she doesn't want to use the middleman services) so I will kept this updated with how it goes!
Thank you everyone for your advice and ideas, and for being so nice to me on my first
posting experience! 
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