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Paypal troubles while trying to buy through egl_comm_sales

I figured I cold get a quicker response posting here, hopefully someone can help me out.

Okay, I'm trying to make a purchase from someone on the comm_sales page. The purchase was 244 USD but Paypal isn't letting me pay no matter what I do! For the past few days I've called them trying to get this straightened out and nothing is helping. A lady told me today it's because the seller is directly asking for money, but I've directly paid through Paypal before with no problems. The seller has all positive feed back, so I dunno if they'd have any problems on their account or what. It's my grandparent's account and they're not too keen on directly linking their bank account to directly get funds into the Paypal. I've tried paying through the invoice the seller sent me and directly to the seller both times an error message came up saying 'Credit card can't be used for this payment' please try a different payment method.' even though I have more than enough to cover the purchase.

Hopefully this is allowed, but can someone help me out here I'm going crazy and my dream dress is on the line.
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