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Coordinating with Spouse

My husband and my two-year anniversary is coming up this month , and as a gift from my sister (who is an amateur, possibly going professional photographer) I've asked her to take some pictures of us out in the snow.  
I really want to do, at least some, of the pictures in a Lolita outfit (probably using the BodyLine JSK in my icon) partly because it's really starting to define the person I am, and partly because Husband loves me all the more for doing it. 
My question is, what would be something good for Husband to wear that would look nice with Lolita?  I'm not asking for specific pieces or brands.  I was thinking of tracking down a pair of black pants and a black vest for him to wear over a white button up.  Then beyond that, I don't really know.  A tie?  A scarf?  Should he just wear a silver necklace?  Are there other male accessories I'm not even thinking of?
I'd really appreciate some feedback on this.  I've been thinking about it for a while, and could just really use some opinions.
Thank you, so much!
Tags: coordinates: questions, discussion: menswear
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