ikanadian (ikanadian) wrote in egl,

{ Photo Request - Navy Jsk Coordinates!~ }

Hi there~
Sorry to be asking this, but I've tried my very best in using the search engine in EGL, as well as Daily Lolita, but I couldn't find many coordinates that use Navy Jumperskirts! I am specifically interested in Baby's/AATP's Navy-colourway Jsk (often accompanied by a light sax) releases, since I just purchased my dream dress, Starry Sky Mother Goose in Navy. ^^ Aha~~ how long I've been saving up/looking out for this! XD

Please show me some of your coordinates? :D

I would like to pair the jumperskirt with a black blouse & headbow, since I couldn't get my hands on the print's headbow. My mom does not approve of using black; she thinks white would be a much better match. 8( I was sure I saw black x navy coordinates before... so I would like to show my mom that it can be done!

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