moonchaii (moonchaii) wrote in egl,

Lief Reviews?

I am interested in buying something from Lief, however, some mixed reviews have me worried...

Pretty much all reviews say the items are of good quality, but communication and receiving items seems to have been a problem. All the reviews I have found and read are before the Lief Livejournal community was created.

So I was wondering-has communication improved since the community was created? Has anyone ever not received their items at all? There have been good and mixed reviews, has anyone had any terrible things happen to them with Lief? Pretty much, I'd like to know if the general consensus is that it is safe to order from Lief, and I won't be throwing my money down a hole.

Thank you very much for your help. *curtsies*

er..I did try to tag this, but  it said I was not allowed.
Tags: *lief/mew, request: information
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