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INL - Meet Report and Photos

A Sweet Lolita Meet - Report and Photos


getdolledup posted a meet invite for “A Chocolate Decorating Demonstration” in Danville in celebration of International Lolita Day. Although I live in central California, I was in the area for the weekend and was excited by the possibility of meeting with Lolitas I had not seen before.

Beforehand, I stopped by the Angelic Pretty store, wanting to get an up-close and person look at the Merry Making Party series since they did not have it at the premiere when I got in.

The store was a lot quieter than it was on the opening day.

On my way there from San Francisco, I stopped in downtown Pleasanton and found a cute little boutique, bought myself a lovely handkerchief. They had a very nice assortment and they were all beautiful.

The Lolita meet was scheduled for one o’clock, but arriving there we found out the chocolate demonstration was not at all what we expected, just a woman with a tiny table selling her technique DVDs. We had been expecting a hands-on activity or lesson, so instead we headed for lunch.

The place we were, Blackhawk Plaza, was quite gorgeous. There were built ponds and streams that were filled with ducks and swans, and the entire area felt perfect for a meet.


getdolledup , her husband (Who was also dressed up in a gorgeous pink button down with a bowtie and suspenders), gwen321 and myself made up the group. Gwen’s boyfriend also joined us for lunch.

We went to a new Mexican restaurant that had opened just the day before because getdolledup wanted a margarita, and while the place was pleasant in appearance, with good service, our food took an hour to arrive. By that time, the staff has apologized on multiple occasions and ended up telling us that our bill would be on the house that afternoon. However, we were having a good time talking about a variety of subjects and getting to know one another, so we hardly noticed the time passing.

Afterwards, we went to take a couple photos outside, which ended up a giant mess of switching cameras and photos between people.

getdolledup  and her husband.



And myself

Close up of my hair, throw and nails

I bought the nails at the Harajuku Hearts/Angelic Pretty in SF, they have a nice selection and they are all in cute florals.


getdolledup wore a BtSSB jumperskirt, and gwen321wore a dress from Lily of the Valley.

As for my own outfit:

OP: Angelic Pretty (Dreamy Dollhouse)
Headbow, socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: BL
Throw: Offbrand, purchased in Russia 

I hope everyone had a Happy International Lolita Day


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