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Quick Taobao Spree Review

I ordered from a few stores that aren't as well known by us here on EGL, so this might be helpful when looking for other options. I excluded the SS socks because we already know that brand pretty well.


I got two pairs of shoe clips. They look amazing!

Original sale page

Quality: 5/5


I got a cute little replica bag from here

Original sales page

As you can see, there are some weird irregularities in the embroidery. This really wasn't a big deal to me.

Quality: For the price, 4.5/5


This is one of the lesser known places to get blouses and cutsews.

Original sale page

This blouse is almost perfect. It's beautiful, excellent quality, comes with mending stuff, really has no manufacturing flaws and  almost fits like it was tailored. I'm very petite and the dimensions are almost perfect. However, there is NO room for boobs and that's ridiculous considering the fact that I'm kinda flat chested. I'm a 32 when wearing a pushup. Probably 30-31 with a normal one, so I dunno what post-pubescent female this is supposed to fit o.0 I have to sew another button on to cover the gap my bust makes XD

This is the 66. I used the measurements to determine if the bust would fit. It came in a little smaller.

Quality: 5/5

Shop's name is in Chinese___________________________________________________________

Taobao page

These are really nice! This pic was taken when they came in. I've since taken them out of the package. The quality is excellent. I have not worn them yet.

Quality: 5/5

Shop's name is in Chinese_____________________________________________________________________________

The page where I bought them is gone so I did a search for the name of the store. Here's a link to the store I found

I really love these boots. The quality is like something you would see at maybe Target, which I consider to be acceptable. They came with 2 sets of removable fringe and these bows that strap around the boot and attach at the side. They also came with a set of small insoles.

Quality: 5/5


Taobaospree lived up to their name: good service and communication as always. The response time slowed down around the time "Susan" had her wedding.


Everything was packed securely, no holes in the box. It seemed to weigh less than it should have for the price we paid for shipping.


Definitely try some of these lesser known stores. I got some really good quality stuff for a fraction of the price better known stores on the list of lolita shops, which are themselves a fraction of the price one would pay for brand. So it's really a steal. I just make sure that I check the feedback rating symbols before I order.

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