Poisoned Apple (dismal_carnival) wrote in egl,
Poisoned Apple

Questions about "Juliette et Justine" sizing dilemna

I have some questions for the ones who are familiar with Juliette et Justine sizing. I am interested in this dress: Palais de fleur rose.

My problem is there are two different "size 2" measurements displayed on this page:
- The English version: size2 (approx. shoulder width: 41cm, bust: 95cm, waist: 77cm, length: 98.5cm, sleeve length: 58cm)
- The Japanese version: 『サイズ2』バスト 約98cm ウエスト 約80cm 着丈 約98.5㎝ 袖丈 約58cm 肩幅 約41cm

My first question is : which ones of these measurements are the most accurate ? The English ones or the Japanese ones ?
My second question is : do Juliette et Justine's measurements are accurate or should I consider that I'll never be able to fit into this dress with my 93cm bust ?

Thank you very much!
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