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Christmas shopping- questions about Taobao custom sizing

I was recommended by the lolitas on coscom to post my questions here, so can I get some answers about Taobao shops and their custom sizing?

It's Christmas time and my friend and I are both looking to order some lolita items from Taobao as gifts for ourselves. We currently are staying in Japan but don't quite have the budget for true brand =.= We've picked out what we like but would like to have some answers about custom sizing/regular sizing. 

My friend is looking at these two items:
This black printed JSK from Infanta

and this Dear Celine flocked skirt in the black

I've seen good reviews of both brands on Egl but I was wondering if there is any way the first dress can be custom sized (right now it says only size M available). Like, if we order through an SS like Taobaospree, would they be able to get it custom sized, or is what's there all that's available? And I read on a review on Egl that Dear Celine has some issues with custom sizing as well- has this improved? My friend is short and well endowed with an hourglass figure, so good custom sizing is a must!

I myself am looking at this Surface Spell JSK: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5431469589
I can't quite understand the sizing written at the bottom, it seems to be out of order (waist is ~40 cm, what?). I have a 34 inch bust and a 30 inch waist, so which size should I get? For reference, I can fit into M sized shirred Bodyline dress just right. Also, for a coordinate, would this be worn with a blouse? If so, any recommendations for a style of blouse to get?

And this black Infanta skirt: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=958692409
I'd like to get it as a basic black lolita skirt but I can't find the size written anywhere on the page- does anyone know what size it comes in? And how is the length? I'm rather tall (5'8") and would be wearing this skirt as either a regular lolita skirt or underskirt for shorter dresses.

Thanks in advance~
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