Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote in egl,
Miss Amani

Last day reminder!

Lolita Day is tomorrow~!

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

For those concerned about directions, it's pretty straightforward :3

Take the 4/5/6 to E. 86th street, walk straight down to 82nd street, then turn right and walk straight down. I suggest this route because 86th is a pain to walk across on a normal day.

The image shows it in the middle of the block between 2nd and 3rd av., but it's actually very close to 2nd Ave, like one or two doors away from the corner.

The front door. The building next to it with the stairs make it easy to miss!

Please try to get there around 2:30pm! So we can get seated a bit early and not rush through some things xD

Also, small reminder about the dress code, and -especially- the White Elephant gift exchange! Make sure you have a gift to give (have it wrapped or in a gift bag!) that's no less than $9 dollars, no more than $20-25! If you don't bring a gift, you'll be excluded from that part D:

I think that's pretty much it, can't wait to see you ladies tomorrow!!! <333

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