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Winter Accesories opinions?

Hi I'm fairly new to the community, I've lurked for a while.

I was thinking about this today because we've recently gotten 14 inches of snow.

Because I'm working at Joann's I get a couple discount days this month for shopping.(that means I could get more supplies for less) I was wondering if you ladies would be interested in getting some handmade winter items like earmuffs, scarves, caplets, mittens and gloves. Everything would be custom to an extent. I drew up a few ideas. I just had a few questions for you.

What fabric do you like used in any of the above items?

What colors do you like?

What sort of decoration do you like to see? (Ribbons, pearls, bows ect.)

I would try and make the prices reasonable for my time and material costs. (Nothing more than $70 with lots of details on bigger items, no more than $25-30 for smaller) And depending on interest would you be willing to pay a small dollar amount to help get fabric if more than three people wanted the same as you?

Here are the links to my ideas. I left some blank so if you wanted to draw on them you could to give me ideas. :D Also I can easily size gloves and mittens to fit your hands since I know not everyone has the same size. (I have really tiny hands so most of them I purchase won't fit)

I'd also make these things year round because some lucky people don't have winter right now. :P

Scarves & Caplets:
Gloves & Mittens:


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