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PMX Day 2 (Saturday)

Been a bit busy lately, so sorry I didn't post these sooner. Day 2 of PMX was the Starlight Festival- a event set up with carnival games for prizes from Innocent World, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and other cute little trinkets.

The rest are all here:

Kelly looks great in the dwarf print Innocent World dress.

I have a special place in my heart for well done steampunk lolita.

I ran through the line bugging people for their picture because I heard we weren't allowed to take pictures inside, then I was told that was not actually true. Oh well, everyone looks gorgeous.

Except me, I always look like such a dork. :P

Kammie always looks flawless, unfair ;)

Game time. This is at the Plinko booth.

The various games were for prizes from the lolita brands that were there or cute little offbrand accessories.

Garnet getting her Plinko on.

Group shot.

Cutest couple ever!

I'm thinking she was ready for the Sanrio I <3 Nerds party.

I really like how she paired the mask with that skirt.

Kristin trying her luck at the lollipop chance game.

Monique was stunning each and every day of the con.

Loved her outfit.

Christine & Stephanie being adorable.

Andrea always has the most fantastic hair colors.

This bottle game seemed impossible.

We made up our own game- balloon war.

The ring toss ran out of prizes within the first few mintues of the event so they opened up for free games w/o prizes after that.

Sonic the Hedgehog ran the ring toss, lol.

Christine w/Sonic.

The magnificent juggling Sheyne and her lovely assistant ;)

I think Yumi Fujiwara is just gorgeous. :)

Break time.

Shelby really getting into the tick tack toe toss.

Stunning trio in white.

After the Starlight Festival I popped over to the Artist Alley area to check out everyone's cute little booths.

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