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Innocent World coats + Lucky Packs


I know that something similiar about brand coats has been posted only a few days ago by somebody else but it's not exactly the same question and I didn't get an answer there either.
I was thinking about getting the recent IW Lucky Pack which contains a coat. I need a warm coat very badly and was wondering if I should take the chance and get the lucky pack containing a coat, JSK and blouse for less money than a single coat would cost.

However, I've never ordered a lucky pack before and additionally I have no idea how warm IW's coats are. Other than that I wondered if they consider their capes as coats too? If they do a LP would probably a bad idea because most of their "coats" are in fact capes.

Hence, my questions are:
Do you have any experiences with IW's coats?
Do you own one of their recent coats?
Do they consider their capes as coats too?
Do you have any experiencs with IW's lucky packs?
If yes, is it likely they'll send me a cape in the Lucky Pack?

thanks for reading!
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